The aerosol data available through HITRAN are described in the following readme files:

Users are referred to the readme documents above for a description of the file structure and aerosol data contain in HITRAN. The aerosol data for HITRAN2020 can be downloaded here:

The archive file contains a number of files and folders, which contain both data and software for accessing these files. Users are referred to the readme documents for details on how to extract the files/folders from the tar archive.

Further aerosol data and documentation are accessible directly from the HITRAN server. The Aerosols-2020 directory contains the files above for HITRAN2020 [1], and aerosol data from previous versions of HITRAN can be found in a separate folder.


[1] I. E. Gordon, L. S. Rothman, R. J. Hargreaves, R. Hashemi, E. V. Karlovets, F. M. Skinner, et al., "The HITRAN2020 molecular spectroscopic database", J. Quant. Spectrosc. Radiat. Transfer 277, 107949 (2022). [link to article]