The HITEMP2010 database is described in the article "HITEMP, the high-temperature molecular spectroscopic database" (2010) [1]. This edition replaced the earlier version, "HITRAN, HAWKS and HITEMP: High-Temperature Molecular Database" (1995) [2].

HITEMP is currently undergoing a major expansion. The current HITEMP data can be downloaded by clicking the corresponding download icon () and selecting the appropriate file (if applicable). Further information, a readme, and a python script to extract bzip2 compressed files are provided below the table.

ID Formula Name Iso counta Line countb νmin/cm-1 νmax/cm-1 Year Download
1 H2O Water 6 114 241 164 0 30 000 2010
2 CO2 Carbon Dioxide 7 11 193 608 258 9 648 2010
4 N2O Nitrous Oxide 5 3 626 425 0 12 899 2019
5 CO Carbon Monoxide 6 752 976 2 22 149 2019
6 CH4 Methane 4 31 880 412 0 13 400 2020
8 NO Nitric Oxide 3 1 137 192 0 26 777 2019
10 NO2 Nitrogen Dioxide 1 1 108 709 0 4 775 2019
13 OH Hydroxyl Radical 3 57 019 0 43 409 2020
a Number of isotopologues included in HITEMP
b Total line count for molecule including its isotopologues

The extracted format for each line transition file of HITEMP is consistent with the ".par" fixed-length HITRAN format (i.e., 160 characters per transition) and is described in Ref. [1]. The data highlighted in bold is a new addition or has superseded the previous HITEMP2010 data. Due to the very large number of lines for H2O and CO2, the line transition files have been partitioned by wavenumber interval and compressed. A readme is provided for further details (but more dynamic solutions will be available soon):

The major expansion of HITEMP includes the addition of new molecules [3,4] and updates to the data for molecules that constituted the HITEMP2010 article [5]. At present, the HITEMP database includes seven molecules which are summarized in the table above. Molecules that have been added/updated since the HITRAN2010 article are indicated in bold, with additional details provided in the appropriate articles [3,4,5]. In addition to the eight molecules above, the line-by-line HITRAN data for HF, HCl, HBr, HI, and H2 (molecule ID 14, 15, 16, 17, and 45) are also suitable for high temperature applications and can be accessed on the line-by-line page.

Extracting HITEMP compressed data

The updated HITEMP files are provided in the compressed bzip2 format and can be extracted using the following python tool:

To extract a portion of the HITEMP file into the ".par" format, use the following command:

python <filename.par.bz2> <numin> <numax>

Where <numin> and <numax> refer to the minimum and maximum wavenumber required. These can be excluded to extract the complete spectral range.

Accessing previous HITEMP2010 data

We advise users to download the most up-to-date version of HITEMP data from the table above. However, the HITEMP2010 data [1] will remain accessible directly from the HITEMP server, even after the latest updates have been applied. In the HITEMP-2010 directory you will find "Read-me_for_HITEMP.pdf" along with five folders corresponding to H2O, CO2, CO, NO and OH.

How to cite HITEMP

When using the HITEMP database, please cite the appropriate HITEMP article (e.g., [1]) as well as the original sources of data. To assist the user, each line transition has reference codes that are provided for each parameter and are consistent with those in HITRAN for the same molecule. We hope that you will find HITEMP helpful in your research.


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